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Physiological Reports launches at EB2013

May 1, 2013

Senior representatives from The Physiological Society and the American Physiological Society along with deputy EiC Thomas Kleyman addressed the crowdPhysiological Reports, the new open access journal from The Physiological Society (TPS) and the American Physiological Society (APS) opened for submissions at the end of March 2013. We were delighted to celebrate the launch of the journal at Experimental Biology (EB2013) in Boston on 21 April. The event took place at the APS booth on Sunday afternoon during the Physiology poster session. A number of delegates took the opportunity to attend the event and view the posters together. As soon as the drinks and snacks arrived the delegates were drawn to the booth.

Shortly after 2pm a great crowd had gathered and the event was opened by Philip Wright, CEO, TPS, Martin Franks, Executive Director, APS and Thomas Kleyman, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Physiological Reports. They each addressed the crowd and welcomed them. Thomas took the opportunity to invite delegates to ask him questions throughout the event. He was joined by a number of editorial board members who also took questions and encouraged potential authors.

Left to right: Philip Wright, CEO, The Physiological Society; Rita Scheman, Director of Publications and Executive Editor, American Physiological Society; Thomas Kleyman, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Physiological Reports; Cornelia Schnelle, Director of Publications, The Physiological Society; and Martin Franks, Executive Director, American Physiological Society.

The gathered crowds were delighted to receive Physiological Reports pens, which helpfully included the journal’s URL to remind our authors where to find all the information on how to submit a paper! Wiley, TPS and APS staff also handed out hundreds of leaflets which were well received. A similar event is planned for IUPS2013 in Birmingham, UK in the summer.

Kristin McNealy, Development Editor, Wiley Open Access; and Christina Dzikowski, Managing Editor, Physiological Reports were among the Wiley staff who distributed leaflets to delegates

There was great enthusiasm for the journal at the launch event and throughout EB2013. Several delegates confimed that they had already submitted a paper, or were intending to, which bodes well for some really interesting science in the first issue. Our first few papers are now being refereed and we expect to have some articles published in the next few weeks.

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