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Read Issue 2:2 of MicrobiologyOpen Now!

April 17, 2013

MicrobiologyOpenThe latest issue of MicrobiologyOpen is available online now! 12 new articles are fully open access: free to read, download and share.

Below are some recent top articles highlighted by the Editor-in-Chief, Pierre Cornelis:


Topological mapping methods for α-helical bacterial membrane proteins – an update and a guide Salim T. Islam and Joseph S. Lam 
Summary: In this review, we synthesize the various methods available for topological mapping of α-helical integral membrane proteins to provide investigators with a comprehensive reference for choosing techniques suited to their particular topological queries and available resources. 
purple_lock_openEmbRS a new two-component system that inhibits biofilm formation and saves Rubrivivax gelatinosus from sinking Anne Soisig Steunou, Sylviane Liotenberg, Marie-Noêlle Soler, Romain Briandet, Valérie Barbe, Chantal Astier and Soufian Ouchane 
Summary: Ability of the photosynthetic bacterium Rubrivivax gelatinosus to form biofilm. The EmbRS two-component system inhibits biofilm formation. Growth of the EmbRS mutant results in the formation of conspicuous bacterial veils around the toothpick scaffolds. 

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