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Top articles from Brain and Behavior Issue 2.4

July 16, 2012

Brain and Behavior issue 2 4Brain and Behavior has published its fourth issue of the year.
The journal publishes high quality research across neurology, neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry. 

Highlighted below are two articles from this issue selected by Editor-in-Chief Andrei Alexandrov:


purple_lock_open  Pharmacological evidence that D-aspartate activates a current distinct from ionotropic glutamate receptor currents in Aplysia californica
Stephen L. Carlson, Andrew T. Kempsell and Lynne A. Fieber
Abstract: D-Aspartate (D-Asp) activates a Na+ and K+ current of unknown identity independent of L-glutamate (L-Glu) in neurons of Aplysia californica. Portions of D-Asp currents were blocked by L-Glu antagonists including kynurenate and APV, but L-Glu currents were unaffected by APV, and showed greater block by kynurenate, suggesting that D-Asp and L-Glu may act at different sites. The mixed pharmacological results as well as an asymmetrical desensitization by D-Asp of L-Glu currents suggest that D-Asp channels in Aplysia are not uniformly characteristic of any known agonist-associated channel type.

purple_lock_open  The relationship between nerve conduction velocity and fiber morphology during peripheral nerve regeneration
Masayoshi Ikeda and Yoshinori Oka
Abstract: The regression relation between fiber diameter and internodal length was not a sensitive index of recovery. MCV and mean fiber diameter were the most sensitive indices of functional recovery during sciatic nerve regeneration.

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