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Launch of Brain and Behavior’s Career Corner

May 15, 2012

Career Corner BlogThe editorial team of Brain and Behavior is delighted to announce the launch of the Career Corner Blog, which will be featured as part of the Wiley Open Access Blog. Its purpose is to promote intellectual exchange between scientists and clinicians at early stages of their careers and the larger scientific community. By serving as a forum for early career scientists to share their findings and discuss the process that led them to their research outcomes, Career Corner aims to facilitate mainstream scientific discourse while highlighting what training grants are capable of producing.  Our audience is any research scientist in neurology, neuroscience, psychology or psychiatry in the early stages of career development (K-applicants, other early career award applicants, early career development grant awardees, trainees, residents, and faculty up to the Associate Professor level). The blog will highlight Brain and Behavior articles authored by early career scientists through invited commentaries, as well as serve as an open forum for sharing and discussion of ideas, questions and preliminary findings. The Career Corner Blog will be coordinated by Dr. Randolph Marshall, who is a Professor of Clinical Neurology at Columbia University and an editorial board member of Brain and Behavior.  We invite you to read Dr. Marshall’s full editorial announcing the Career Corner for more details.  To access the Career Corner Blog visit the Wiley Open Access Blog and select the Career Corner button from the right hand menu. Check back soon for our first commentary on a featured article, and please visit this site often and add your own comments as well – we want to hear from you!”

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