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Ecology and Evolution – Issue 2.5 Now Live!

May 10, 2012

ECE 2 5 coverIssue 2.5 of Ecology and Evolution is now live! The cover features an image from ‘Sex, horizontal transmission, and multiple hosts prevent local adaptation of Crithidia bombi, a parasite of bumblebees (Bombus spp.)’ by Silvio Erle, Mario Popp, Stephan Wolf and H. Michael G. Lattorff. Highlighted below are two articles from this issue:

purple_lock_open ‘Phylogeographic insights into an irruptive pest outbreak’ by Catherine I. Cullingham, Amanda D. Roe, Felix A. H. Sperling and David W. Coltman
Abstract: We use a phylogeographic approach to understand the progression of an outbreak by mountain pine beetle in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. We found high halplotype diversity and limited lineage diversification consistent with dispersive populations. Based on our findings there were likely multiple outbreak sources and the population demographics obscure signatures of recent population

purple_lock_open ‘The juvenile social environment introduces variation in the choice and expression of sexually selected traits’ by Michael M. Kasumovic, Matthew D. Hall and Robert C. Brooks
Abstract: We demonstrate that the social environment introduces variation in sexually selected traits by modifying the behavioural components of male production and female choice. We suggest that the social environment is an overlooked source of phenotypic variation and discuss the plasticity of trait expression and preference in reference to estimations of male quality and the concept of condition dependence.

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