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Ecology and Evolution – Issue 4 now published!

December 22, 2011

Cover image for Vol. 1 Issue 4

We are pleased to announce the publication of Issue 4 of Ecology and Evolution, completing our 2011 issues with a 16-paper, fourth installment. The journal continues to demonstrate high-quality scientific work under the broad scope umbrella; marine papers include Heide-Jørgensen and colleagues’ paper analyzing harbor porpoise behavior in the midst of climate change and Dixson and colleagues’ paper examining terrestrial chemical cues used by coral reef fish larvae. “Pristionchus uniformis, should I stay or should I go? Recent host range expansion in a European nematode”, by Sommer and D’Anna, examines host range expansion and host-switching of Pristionchus uniformis, a nematode atypically associated with two unrelated groups of beetles on two continents.

The issue includes two papers on invasion: Perkins and colleagues present a new, clean organizational framework for invasion, while Papadopoulos and colleagues discuss the demography and invasion potential in the economically-important, historically well-documented Mediterranean fruit fly. A beautiful image of the medfly from the Papadopoulous et. Al. paper graces the Issue 4 cover as we continue to collect author photographs for publication. Our 5th Issue will be published online in January 2012 and we look forward to posting more outstanding work. We would like to thank our authors, Editors, and Editorial Board Members for an outstanding start in 2011!

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