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First Ecology and Evolution Articles Now Online

June 22, 2011

The first articles from the new Wiley Open Access journal, Ecology and Evolution, are now posted online:

ORIGINAL RESEARCH: Population delimitation across contrasting evolutionary clines in deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) by D-S Yang and G. Kenagy

  In this paper, authors Yang and Kenagy explore population genetics of deer mice in Oregon. The paper investigates gene flow using a new and geographically expansive sample that integrates data on morphology, mitochondrial DNA, and nuclear DNA.

Keywords: Gene flow; genealogical discordance; local adaptation; Peromyscus maniculatus; population delimitation

EDITORIAL: Open debate and progress in ecology and evolution

Allen J. Moore, Editor-in-Chief

  In his editorial introducing Ecology and Evolution, Editor-in-Chief Allen J. Moore highlights the promise and challenges of open access journals.  Professor Moore provides an inside perspective on the launching of Ecology and Evolution and how the journal will help researchers in their pursuit to accomplish what he calls “a fundamental obligation of scientists to publish their work, to make it accessible to a wide audience and to contribute this knowledge to the community.”
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